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    Four stages of Corporate Development

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    I have found several sites that discuss the 10 stages of corporate development, but the stages have names. My professor only offers four. They are Stages 1, 2, 3 and 4. Following are the questions:

    1. Ojectives which are personal and subjective and are typified by an entrepreneurial spirit describe what stage? Stage 1?

    2. A corporation run by a team of managers with functional specializations and which successfully operates in one industry describes what stage? Stage 2?

    3. A corporation typically decentralizes into profit or investment centers in what stage? Stage 3?

    If the above are correct, what is stage 4? A large bureacracy that needs restructuring with a turnaround strategy of some sort?


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    Four stages of Corporate Development:

    According to Richard L. Daft's

    Birth or Infancy stage
    In the infancy stage the entrepreneur starts the venture. There may be very less number of employees leading to the flat hierarchy. There is high level of cohesion and dominant role of ...

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