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    Similarities and differences in three of the process models

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    Resource: The design process models discussed in The Design Agenda

    Write a paper in which you discuss the similarities and differences among at least three of the process models addressed in the text. The design process models are: (step by step)

    a. Five stages in the creative process of design
    b. Internal creative process
    c. External productive
    d. Total process of design
    e. Technological innovation
    f. Planning process
    g. Hybrids

    Identify which model would lend itself best to an organization with which you are familiar.

    Explain your rationale.

    Cite your sources of information.

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    A design model can be delineated as a theory-based set of statements about the object world, which is the object to be projected or the design process itself (Erden, n.d.). The various design process models direct at pondering the slant and features of the engineering design process and suggest strategies for the designers regarding how to go forward in the design process. Most of the design process models are relegated in accordance to their modelling accesses.

    The design process models are basically the particular ordination of events, activities or know-how's by which a process or set of processes are accompanied, in regard to attain a meant aim, end or result (Erden, n.d.). The design process comprises of a group of actions and methods which are collected in a mode which conforms to the necessities of a predicament or project. In present there exist a number of design process models that vary devolving on the size, scale and nature of the problem.

    Design Process Models

    Here in this paper we will discuss three design process models along with the similarities and differences of the three models, which are as follows:

    Five Stages in the Creative Process of Design:

    This design process model comprises five stages which are as follows:
    1. Research, strategy or feasibility: At this stage research, collection of information by studying all the available material, analysis of legal issues along with any new research if needed is done. In addition to this the feasibility of the process is also assessed.
    2. Design concepts: Subsequent to the approval of the proposal, preliminary design conceptions are developed at this stage. At this stage the creative process is given free reign within all the restraints demonstrated in first stage.
    3. Thorough design development: Here, the chosen concept is worked out with all particulars followed up. This stage particularly depends upon the item ...

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    The similarities and differences in three of the process models are examined.