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Probation and Parole: Positive Supervision and Recidivism

As overcrowding of our correctional facilities continues, state and federal institutions look for new methods to rehabilitate those punished for crimes in order to decrease recidivism. Implementing a positive supervision program is essential to our communities and clients. Discuss the three basic theoretical models for rehabilitation in probation and parole. Give both similarities and differences between the three. Give a specific example for each type of theory.

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The three basic theoretical models for rehabilitation include psychoanalytic theory, reality therapy, and behavior/learning theory. Understanding how these three models applies to each client on probation or parole is essential in ensuring the person receives the best suited rehabilitation. Psychoanalytic theory treatment is the concept in which personality disorders are identified based on underlying events that took place in the individual's life. In saying this, the officer is able to direct the client to the right type of therapist in order to assist the person. ...