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    ERP Feedback and Control in an Organization's Strategy

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    • Why is it important for an organization to identify the areas it wishes to measure before the implementation process begins? Provide an example of a company that had clear measurement guidelines in place before implementing its strategic plan. What would be the consequence if these clear measurement guidelines had not been developed before the implementation?

    • Describe enterprise resource planning. How does enterprise resource planning affect feedback and control in an organization's strategy?

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    It is very important for an organization to identify the areas it wishes is to measure before the implementation process begins, so that organizational leadership can implement the strategic plan in the manner that is most feasible to bring out the best overall outcome in respect to strategic plan initiation and implementation. What this essentially means is that identifying the areas that it wants to measure will make it possible for organizational leadership to establish the guidelines or standards that need to be met in particular areas, in order to be able to effectively ascertain the effectiveness of each area in their contribution to the overall initiation and completion of the strategic plan. This also provides the means by which organizational leadership can consistently monitor each area in respect to its relative effectiveness in contributing to the completion of the strategic plan at different stages during the completion of the strategic plan, in order to ascertain as to ...