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    Marketing Tourism

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    Question 1 a
    Use a tourism or hospitality enterprise of your choice to answer the questions.
    The following are possible marketing for tourism service strategies:
    (1) Customer Relationship Management
    (2) Market targeting and positioning
    (3)Marketing research and Market research
    (4)Image creation
    Write brief notes on EACH service marketing strategy and show how your selected tourism/hospitality enterprise may use it to its own benefit.

    Question 1b
    Using your selected tourism/hospitality enterprise:
    (1) Describe and give examples of the FIVE elements of the SERVQUAL model.
    (2) How do these elements work as strategies to handle critical incidents?

    Question 1c
    Butlers (1980's) Tourism Area Lifecycle (TALC) development model attempts to show the stages that a chosen destination (any country of your choice) can evolve through over time. Using the various price strategies match each stage of the lifecycle to price strategy and justify why you think it applies at that stage.

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    (1) Customer Relationship Management

    Depending on the selected business enterprise, the customer relationship management is a protocol for effectively connecting with the targeted consumer demographic. For instance, the Hyatt Corporation is a successful hospitality hotel business located around the world to cater to the moderate or median income level customer to the higher end customer. Basically, the customer relationship management is utilized for identifying the preferences, behaviors, and patterns of choices the targeted consumer of Hyatt can sufficiently assist decisions makers succeed in marketing strategies. Try and identify your selected hospitality enterprise and observe the strategic decisions utilized in marketing to customers and aims in sustaining customers from their CRM system.

    (2) Market targeting and positioning

    In the case example, the Hyatt Corporation utilizes market target in the traditional means in travel affiliate placements (magazines, television, and tour books, etc.), however, the customer relationship building effect provides continuous brand preference. Your hospitality enterprise selected should already demonstrated methods of marketing to the targeted demographic that successful results have presented long-term. The goal for positioning is basically the ability to properly illustrate marketing strategies in promoting brand identity and brand awareness for reaching success.

    (3)Marketing research and Market ...

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