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    MICE events in Trinidad and Tobago

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    Need help with finding academic literature that deals with:

    MICE events in Trinidad and Tobago - minimum of at least three pieces of the most recent academic literature.
    Please provide at least a one-liner which summarizes the piece of literature chosen and of course the link to the piece. The literature should be pulled from credible journals.

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    The response addresses the query posted in 524 words with APA references

    /// for the purpose of having indepth understanding of any issue, there is a need of having in depth understanding of the different literatures and sources. In this regard, presented section is reflecting different findings of three important sources on the topic, i.e. MICE events in Trinidad and Tobago//
    Joe, S. & Rica, C. (2012). GLOBAL C ONFERENCE ON BU SI N E S S A N D F I NA NCE P RO C E E DI NGS. The Institute for Business and Finance Research, 7(2), 357-369.
    This journal written by Joe & Rica is mainly regarding the contribution of tourism sector in the economic development of a country. Their argument in the journal suggests that the tourism sector of every nation is diverse in its own ways depending upon the resources available to them. Increase in tourism leads to increased employment and revenue generation. Business tourism is one of the dimension of tourism that helps in enhancing the economy of a country. Trinidad and Tobago which are regarded as the ...

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    MICE events in Trinidad and Tobago are examined. The response addresses the query posted in 524 words with APA references.