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    Seasonal Effect on Tourism

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    This will be an interview that will be conducted on a business for seasonal effect on tourism. So I will be interviewing the owner and the marketing director. I will also interview the director of visitors at the tourism department. Then I will use about 10 questions to 50 survey about visitors visiting the business.

    Why you choose these three people to give an interview (i.e. the business owner, the marketing director, and the director of visitor)? Why not other persons? Who will be surveyed? (i.e. the tourist visitors)

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    The business owner is interviewed because that is the person with the most valuable and complete information on the business and how it is performing. The business owner sees the customer, the financials, and the overall picture of how the company is doing in every situation. He/she is the person who makes the decisions about the products, the services, and the final disposition of marketing, strategic and other plans. ...

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    A short review, based on the questions of who and why people should be interviewed and surveyed.