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Environmental and Economic impacts of Tourism

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I know what the positive and negative effects of tourism are on the environment.
What I am having trouble comprehending is what are the economic impacts of tourism on the environment.

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A: This issue brings up the age-old dilemma of conservation versus preservation with respect to the environment. That is, to leave wild-areas untouched preserves them in whole, but leaves them without social value. To encourage tourism, means that one must develop, to some degree, infrastructure within and/or adjacent to an area thus leaving it other than "wild."

Let us examine some of the more obvious impacts to an area from tourism:
? any influx of visitors to an area must also mean that infrastructure is needed. Thus we have roads, power, water, sewer; access to food, water, medical attention, public safety. All of these things have associated environmental impacts as indeed they are the same aspects of civilization that one would have outside of a touristed area. Thus, any area open for tourism, also has some aspects of society-at-large imposed upon it.
? pollution - where people go, they leave behind "stuff", from bottles and wrappers to any manner of offal and waste.
? "Don't feed the bears" - humans unwittingly have trained many animals to no longer be "wild" by supplanting the natural foodstuffs with ...

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