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The economic and environmental impacts of geothermal energy.

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Research the economic and environmental impacts of geothermal energy.

Summarize the environmental and economic impacts of the leases evaluated in your chosen chapter. This report must communicate the environmental and economic impacts of the proposed geothermal leases to local stakeholders and to members of the American public. Identify the community members who will be most affected by each environmental or economic impact. Include the following information in your report:

â?¢ Briefly introduce your chosen chapter and the proposed geothermal leases evaluated in this chapter.
â?¢ Categorize the environmental impacts of the proposed actions:

o What environmental impacts are significant? What environmental impacts are insignificant?
o What environmental impacts are short-term? What environmental impacts are long-term?
o Is each environmental impact a positive impact or a negative impact? Explain.

This is the Chapter which i have to do.


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The chapter you have been assigned deals with leasing land in an area northeast of Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon. The lease would permit the lease holder to explore the area for geothermal energy sources. The report details the likely impacts that the lease, and subsequent development of such resources, would have on the area.

The chapter is nicely divided into different sections dealing with different types of possible environmental impacts of this lease. To begin, I would briefly summarize each section that is relevant to your assignment. Then, you could determine which are significant and long-term, and which are not.

In section 15.3, the environmental consequences of the lease are listed. Here are the parts that seem relevant to me:

15.3.5 Soil. Ground disturbance is listed as a possible source of erosion.

15.3.6. ...

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Assistance with researching the environmental impact of geothermal energy extraction, and analysis of a resource is provided.

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