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    Environmental Social Movement

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    Please help me so I can complete the following:

    For this assignment, you will identify and research one social movement of personal interest. Search the Internet and/or other resources to investigate the issues, stakeholders, methods, activities and outcomes of the social movements. Create a PowerPoint presentation that provides an overview of the social movement

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    Dear Student,

    For this Assignment/Posting of yours I would like to suggest featuring an Environment Social Movement Issue as it usually isn't covered by students in typical social science classes. The environment is a central issue when one looks at communities, nations & societies. Nature & humanity have established a relationship that as man progressed increasingly becomes susceptible to abuses from our side. Currently, issues of global warming, fossil fuel exhaustion, pollution, extinction of species have taken center stage as scientists & the rest of the world question our place in the scheme of things in the natural world. Since you are being asked to present a slideshow/powerpoint presentation (and as per Brainmass policy I cannot create it for you), I will create a guide you can use, short & concise pertaining to the content of each slide, all slides numbering to no more than 8. The accompanying website for the Renewable Energy social movement is www.crest.org & as such, I have incorporated the principles & ideas behind REPP into the slideshow design to highlight the concepts on renewable energy of the said social movement. Thank you for using BrainMass.

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    Your PowerPoint Presentation Suggested Design

    Slide One

    Text: The Renewable Energy Project

    Website: http://www.crest.org/

    Fossil Fuel, while abundant is a non-renewable resource. For centuries & decades now the fossil fuel man has used have depleted worldwide deposits, not to mention contributed much to the carbon dioxide & other greenhouse gases that contribute towards Global Warming. More than ever we have to think of our responsibility to the earth, the other species that inhibit its oceans & forests aside from us as well as our future generations. Technology & the advance of our collective scientific knowledge has allowed us the capacity to tap renewable energy sources like the Sun, Wind & biofuels, natural occurring elements & energy that can help us power our lives.

    Suggested design/images --- plain text, industrial background, the logo of Crest.org

    Slide Two

    Text: American Policy

    Link: http://www.crest.org/policy/index.html

    The U.S. understands that renewable energy is the way to go. Fossil Fuels aside from contributing ...

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    The Social Movement partially supported by the US Department of Energy --- the "Renewable Energy Policy Project " takes center stage in this social movement analysis. The issues, stakeholders, methods, activities and outcome of the social movement is investigated. Since REPP is a vast movement with many concerns, the solution discusses each of these concerns as separate topics. The post asks for help in creating a powerpoint presentation to discuss said social movement. The solution, while presenting an analysis is also a powerpoint guide, presenting a 'design' for each slide as well as suggested images that can be used to drive the point home.