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How to Identify with a Social Group: Social Categories and Group Identification

Word count should be approximately 300 words (no less than 250). Please cite using the APA 6th edition guidelines.


Think about a group or social category to which you belong and with which you identify. What does this group mean to you? What are some examples that demonstrate your high level of identification to this group?

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Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. The solution below should get you started. It has been created to show you how this problem can be answered. It is best to 'go' into the problem with an outline to cover all bases. I suggest:

1. The group - what is this group? Describe it
2. Why do you identify with this group?
3. Examples of identification

The above outline should provide you with 300 words. Remember, it can be anything, any group. It can be an actual group or something that is a 'movement' - without the need to socialize, to convene. The example below is typical of a self-referential group following a social category. I made this as universally as possible though so it should be relatable.


The Green Movement

The green movement (GM) is a social category whereby people who identify with it do so because of the philosophy behind the movement, particularly in the West (including the US). ...

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The expert identifies the social categories and group identifications.