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    The Green Movement

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    Why does society embrace the green movement?

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    Dear Student,
    This question is essentially opinion based. But the answers are observable and self-reflective. Essentially, you ask yourself - Why is it important to manage the environment? You will have your own answers and answers proffered by scholars of the field. Put this together and you will have answers to the question you asked. Let me give you a small discussion on the matter.

    Why are we concerned about the environment? Since the time of human industry and the dawn of humankind, we have depended upon the environment for our needs - shelter, food, clothing, protection from the elements and other risks. We have come to realize so many things about our world and our realities. Our close relationship to the environment helped us form civilizations, religions and social structures (i.e. animism, hunting & gathering, pastoralism) that allowed us to improve upon our innovations of social organization one generation after another leading us to new knowledge of our world that allowed us more control. We learned to count, to debate, to mine, to control earth, water and each other. Every ...

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    The solution provides insight, information and advise on the topic of the green movement; particularly why the green movement is easily embraced by society (its popularity). Online resources are also listed for further exploration of the topic.