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    Social Issues: Energy & the Environment

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    Details: Library Research Assignment

    Several issues have come to the forefront of our national conscience in the past two decades:

    Gay America
    Aging America
    Energy and the Environment
    Pick one of these three and discuss it. Your discussion should include these principal people/items and what they are known for:

    Gay America
    Mark Segal
    Harvey Milk
    Aging America
    The Boomers
    Oil, politics and the Environment
    American oil companies
    Public utility companies
    Auto manufacturers
    Sierra Club
    The Greens
    What are some of the issues your cause promotes or works toward?

    What is your stand on the issue and why?

    Please use at least two (2) credible sources.

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    Dear Student,
    Of the 3 topics selected, I have chosen to explore energy and the environment as for me it is at the forefront of the many social issues that are currently of great importance to the US and the world (homosexuality and aging are worthy issues as well; however I believe there is a bigger urgency in terms of energy and the environment as a social issue). A balance must be achieved in order for us to live a rich and abundant life and for the environment to support the needs of all living things, flora and fauna. When a symbiotic system collapses, all suffer. Climate change and global warming are certainly 21st century issues shaping not just American politics but global attitudes and opinions, pushing people to adapt a change in philosophies and lifestyles for the purposes of sustaining and maintaining environmental balance. I have chosen the cause of renewable energy in America as it stands today from social groups to government and international policies. However, I did not name energy corporations or any individuals and entities suspected of corruption and influence peddling as this is an academic research paper although I have implied what goes on. I hope this helps. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message.

    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

    Energy & the Environment:
    Renewable Energy as Alternative Sources

    Fossil Fuel, while abundant is a non-renewable resource. For centuries & decades now the fossil fuel man has used have depleted worldwide deposits, not to mention contributed much to the carbon dioxide & other greenhouse gases that contribute towards Global Warming. More than ever we have to think of our responsibility to the earth, the other species that inhibit its oceans & forests aside from us as well as our future generations. Technology & the advance of our collective scientific knowledge has allowed us the capacity to tap renewable energy sources like the Sun, Wind & bio fuels, natural occurring elements & energy that can help us power our lives.

    The U.S. understands that renewable energy is the way to go. Fossil Fuels aside from contributing greenhouse gases can be exhausted. Therefore it has put together various policies, funded research projects & programs geared at developing renewable energy as well as fighting pollution & as well as nature conservation. In April 2003, the North Carolina wind resource project was founded to exploit wind power translating it into consumable energy within the state. It was soon followed after by similar projects in other states. The 2003 National Budget also highlighted funding for renewable energy projects & research as well as nature conservation. Following these developments, the Clean Air Act was established as well mini-projects on sustainable energy for minorities & low-income communities. Despite all these, the U.S. is still not a signatory on the Kyoto Agreement.

    Man in recent years has become quiet negligent in conserving energy. A lot of products in the market now are geared towards practicing energy efficiency yet many of us are still reluctant or do not care about the idea of conserving. The blatant overextension & use of basic utilities like water and electricity contribute at our increased consumption making energy our biggest need. If policies are in place in communities to encourage energy consumption and if majority of the populace practice it out of social responsibility, then there might be a hope for us, after all. We, the human race are the stakeholders in this social movement - this is for the future of our planet, our children, their own - the propagation of our race and the preservation of our planet in its current state - the state that allows for us, allows for life.

    Alternative Energy Sources

    Listed below are alternative energy sources to bio fuels. Some had been in existence for a while providing energy to American cities, towns and households (hydropower & geothermal energy, for example). Some are new and developing technologies, promising energy sources that are currently of use and continually being pushed, via research and development to their ...

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    The solution is a comprehensive exploration of the following social issues: energy and the environment due their importance and sense of urgency in the current socio-political climate with global implications. The solution looks at current energy sources, their environmental and social impact and the policies drafted by the present Obama-led American government. The solution is a 2,000 plus word essay following the APA-format. References are provided.