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    The Green Social Movement for Renewable Energy

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    Task: Identify and research one social movement of interest. Search the internet and/or other resources to investigate the issues, stakeholders, methods, activities and outcomes of the social movement. Create a PowerPoint presentation that provides an overview of the social movement's end goal.

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    Dear Student,
    There are varied and worthy social movements that you can do research on and present in this class/course. There are social movements concerned with the welfare of the disenfranchised (issues on immigration, racial equality, gender), politics and reform, global conflict, religion, etc. One of the most famous movements in the 20th century was the American Rights Movement whose proponents, supporters and key players influenced the manner by which equality and rights were perceived and accepted by the American nation giving us the current America we know today - led by the first African American President, a possibility that was once nothing but a dream. At any rate social movements are a type of group action by which those who take part come together to sustain and fuel a campaign for an ideal, an action, a change in the social fabric. While I could have pointed you in the direction of movements vested in human rights and political issues, I would like to introduce you to a social movement that I believe is key in the preservation of our way of life, of nature, of this planet - the Green Movement, an action at revolutionizing the manner by which we source and use energy. The environment is a central issue when one looks at communities, nations & societies. Nature & humanity have established a relationship that as man progressed increasingly becomes susceptible to abuses from our side. Currently, issues of global warming, fossil fuel depletion, pollution, extinction of species have taken center stage as scientists & the rest of the world question our place in the scheme of things in the natural world. Since you are being asked to present a slideshow/PowerPoint presentation, I have created a guide you can use, short & concise pertaining to the content of each suggested slide. Your solution is attached as a word file. I have also attached an article I have written which might be of use to you - a perspective from the eyes of a member of said social movement.

    From the Diary of a local Green Movement Member:
    The Local Green Movement: Affecting Policies for a Eco-friendly Community

    “The term political ecology is sometimes used in Europe and in academic circles. Supporters of Green politics, called Greens, share many ideas with the ecology, conservation, environmental, feminist, and peace movements. In addition to democracy and ecological issues, green politics is concerned with civil liberties, social justice and nonviolence.”
    - Wiki, 2009

    I recently joined a small special interest group called 'The Local Green Movement'. The group, a collection of individuals from my local community aims to create an environment friendly community to sustain nature by being as eco-friendly as possible. To do this means creating awareness so as to influence local policies and push community members to become as eco aware as possible and let this awareness influence the way they live their lives. Our demographic target was our immediate community, politically, as our opinions soon came to be heard; we immediately had positive reaction from local community members. Soon, even local politicians came to join us and with this, we soon managed to influence local policies. For example, we managed to lobby for a waste management recycling center in our town and to create organic plots where families can take part in planting organically grown produce to be sold in the farmers market.

    Membership, Democracy & Information:

    I live in a community of like-minded individuals concerned greatly for the environment. For years we have seen the way human beings have impacted nature and the more we degrade nature, the more negative the effect became. As nature degrades, so do our state of living. Waste mismanagement and all sorts of pollution create diseases, deforestation creates floods. With the issue of global warming and that of lack of food to distribute to a hungry world, a local PTA group took action to teach their children conservation by starting with their own daily practices. This soon became a community wide ...

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    The social movement featured and explored in this solution is the Green Movement centered on renewable energy. This response explores the varied agendas, concerns and facets of this social movement as it relates to the philosophy and practice of its varied members and advocates, especially in the United States. Nature and the environment here take central stage. This solution contains two parts: first information is provided regarding the Green Movement itself and secondly, a PowerPoint presentation creation guide has been outlined, complete with advice and a discussion on how to present. Also take note of the references which have been provided, they should assist you in finding further research.