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    Company that Exemplifies Giving Back to Communities

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    Customers have high expectations when it comes to companies they buy from. Stakeholders, or anyone who does business with a company, also expect a corporation to consider what is best for society when selling its products and services, rather than only what will benefit earnings and profits for the company.

    Today, societal marketing is on the rise, as more companies consider the value proposition of their image beyond just the features and benefits of a product or service. Societal marketing takes into account issues such as the environment, fair trade, and the overall betterment of society.

    1. Select a company that exemplifies giving back to the communities in which it operates.
    2. Visit its corporate Web site to find out as much as possible about its contributions to society.

    Learning to write in multiple genres is a valuable skill for a professional marketer.

    3. Because you have researched the company, you will now write an article that will be considered for publication.

    4. Your story should include the following:
    ? An overview of the societal marketing practices of the chosen company
    ? The type of promotions undertaken to support the programs
    ? An analysis of how they fit with the overall mission or target audience.

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    ? An overview of the societal marketing practices of the chosen company

    Honda is enthusiastically conducting various corporate activities and taking initiatives to address environmental issues, reduction in emission of CO2 , biodiversity initiatives and regional issues around the world in order to create, expand value and fulfill their commitment. For example its "Green Renaissance" activity is for global nature conservation (reforestation and environmental education). Honda is taking various philanthropic environmental initiatives to enhance co-existence between its operation and community with an objective of providing a cleaner world to the future generation. Honda identifies risks, and opportunities, related to climate change and energy issues from its operational ...

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