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Interdependencies Between Companies and the Communities

Define a community, and explain the interdependencies between companies and the communities in which they operate. Also, debate the balance between stockholder rights, as opposed to other stakeholders in the community.

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Community Definition

A community is an intentional social connection between groups of people and companies that are built on positive networking actions such as service, participation, and interaction. (Rabinowitz, 2007-2011) Characteristics of a community is that these groups share common interests and shared goals coupled with personal and business relationship-building. One of the various goals of these relationships are to improve its communities by the products and services offered by ethical organizations both profit and non-profit.

Company & Community Interdependence

Company's profitability is heavily depended on the engagement of the community. One context of the community is its target market. If the community does ...

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This solution is a brief outlook of the interdependencies between companies and communities.