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"Outside Innovation"

Summarize the article 'How to Manage Outside Innovation' - By Kevin Boudreau and Karim Lakhani.

The Chesbrough and Teece article (preceding) discusses innovating through 'virtual organizations' what is the label given to the corresponding or similar concept in this article? How does the motivation differ between collaborative communities and competitive markets?


Summarize the article.

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OK, the first part of the response is "open innovation." Simple enough but I'll bet it's the rest of the question that's got you stumped.

The example that came to my mind, (they used the iPhone and Nintendo) was the independent phone manufacturer. Research In Motion, RIM, makes the Blackberry line but does not make all models available to all phone carriers. If RIM opens up the designing of Blackberry phones to collaborative communities, ...

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Article discusses innovating through Virtual organizations or open innovation. Also discussed is how motivation differs between collaborative communities and competitive markets.