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    creative intelligence and five force influences

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    Can you help me outline the following ideas on paper?

    *Outline - compare & contrast four styles of creative intelligence

    *Outline - how do five forces influence mind sets

    *Outline - how might a mind set limit the decision making process

    *Outline - how do outside influences affect decision making processes for individuals and companies

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    Four styles of creative intelligence
    Can you help me outline the following ideas to paper? Having a hard time tracking down information for the outline?

    *Outline - compare & contrast 4 styles of creative intelligence: The four style of creative intelligence are intuition, innovation, imagination and inspirational leadership. In case of intuition it is an instinctive knowing, it is believed to be immediate cognition without the use of conscious processes. On the other hand innovation is a creation based on study and experimentation. Innovation refers to the creation of something new in the mind. Something that is improved is an innovation. However, in case of imagination, it is a formation of mental images of something that is not perceived by the senses or something that is not perceived to the senses. Imagination refers to the ability to form images. Inspirational refers to the arousal of the mind so that a high level of activity or creativity is possible. Inspirational work is a result of creativity. When intuition is applied to solving problems the result is inspirational work. Both ...

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    Creative intelligence is discussed very comprehensively in this explanation.