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Culture Exhibited by Crown Holdings

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Please describe the concept of culture and the type of culture exhibited by Crown Holdings as seen through the lens of this description.

Please incorporate the following questions:

(a) What is Crown's culture?
(b) The industry's culture?
(c) How do things get done?
(d) What is rewarded?

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Step 1
According to this article, the practical utility of value creation is that it is an organizing principle for reconciling CSR, sustainability, and stakeholder approach. When the reconciliation takes place there is creation of value. Corporate social responsibility is related to social obligation, social responsibility, and social responsiveness (a). The author has observed that there are three tiers. The first was related to compliance, the second required and ability to respond to and to balance reasonable stakeholder requests and to internalize societal expectations. The third is related to long term strategic advantage where corporations require the capabilities to navigate complexity and engage and integrate external stakeholders. In accordance to this description the authors describe three types of corporate culture with respect to organizational attitudes to stakeholders and creation of value.
Level 1 is a compliance culture where organizational unit is not ...

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This posting gives you a step-by-step explanation of Crown Holding's culture. The response also contains the sources used

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