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    Crown Holdings value chain

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    In the table attached, clearly name each strength and weakness.

    Please also discuss and elaborate on each column in narrative form after the table is populated; expand or elaborate upon what you wrote in the cells of the table.

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    Please see the table attached

    The value chain of Crown Holdings Inc. is highly integrated to ensure quicker turnaround service for packages ensuring alignment of all stages from order placement to customer delivery.
    The focal point for all innovation initiatives are research and development centers which provide support to worldwide operations of the company. R&D focuses on reducing packaging development time scales, creating environment friendly packaging and increasing success of new products in the market. The R&D project teams combine their own scientific expertise with a thorough understanding of customer expectations, suppliers' capabilities and our manufacturing processes ("Innovation centers", n.d).
    The management of Crown ...

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    The expert discusses and elaborates the columns in narrative forms after the table is populated. The cells of the table are given.