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Analysis of Metal Container Industry

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Prepare an analysis of the metal container industry that includes:
? A vertical chain for the metal container industry.
? A potential industry earnings (PIE) analysis that discusses the effect of various factors (including the six forces) on the metal container industry's ability to create and capture value. Limit your analysis of each factor to three to five sentences.

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Please see the attached file.Vertical Chain for the Metal Container Industry
Vertical Chain Component Metal Container
Supplier (Input)
The main US based steel suppliers are Bethlehem Steel, National Steel, and United States Steel Corporation.
The three main aluminum producers are Alcoa, Pechiney, and Alcan
(Product or Service) Rexam PLC, Ball Corporation, Crown Cork & Seal Company, Metal Container Corporation.
Steel Containers:
BWAY, Silgan and U.S. Can.

Distributor Bottlers and packers

Consumer Coca-Cola Company, Anheuser-Busch, PepsiCo, and Coca-Cola Enterprises.

Factors Affecting PIE Analysis

Value Creation Factors

1. Industry Demand The demand for metal containers is estimated to be $10.8 million. This is a derived demand from the soft drinks, beer, food market and pet food. The industry demand has been under serious threat because of the substitution of tins with large multiuse bottles, the PET containers and paper packing. So the threat of substitution is the greatest threat to this industry.
2. Changes in ...

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