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Crown Cork and Seal Company

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Harvard Business Case:

April 17, 1987

Crown Cork and Seal Company, Inc.

Please analyze the case by addressing this main question:

What are the most important elements of Crown's Strategy and how they have been implemented?

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The expert examines crown cork and seal company analysis.

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Please find the Crown Cork and Seal Company, Inc. in the attached file.


Crown Cork and Seal Company, Inc.

Prominent Elements of Crown's Strategy
The most important elements of Crown's strategy are its products and markets that had been developed around company's conventional strengths in metal forming and fabrication. Even in company's most severe situation it determined to return to the area it knew best that was tin-plated cans and crowns and to focus on particularized uses and international markets. In addition to the specialized product line, company adopted a strategy that was basically based on following two geographic drives:
• Expand to national distribution in the U.S.
• Invest heavily in abroad.
The domestic expansion in the chosen strategy of expansion was linked to company's manufacturing reorganization and its plants were spread out across the country so that transportation costs can be reduced and customer nearness can be maintained. Crown adopted a strategy on providing products for a number of customers near their plants and it ...

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