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    Crown Cork and Seal

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    See the article 'Crown Cork and Seal Company, Inc.' by Richard G. Hamermesh, Karen Gordon, and John P. Reed.

    Please analyze the case by addressing this main question:

    What are the most important elements of Crown's Strategy and how they have been implemented?

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    What are the most important elements of Crown's Strategy and how they have been implemented?

    The most important element of Crown's strategy has been cost leadership. The other elements that flow from Crown's core strategy are that most of the time Crown has been given a level of quality and it has been a low cost producer. Crown has thrived when it has been able to sell at average industry prices and has earned higher profits than those of its competitors. Even when price cutting has taken place Crown's has survived and has maintained its profitability while other companies like Continental, National Can and American Can have decided to diversity, Crown has been able to remain profitable.
    How did Connelly implement the strategy of cost leadership? When he took over, he pared down the organization. He fired staff and 11 vice-presidents. He eliminated 1,647 jobs. He even discarded the divisional accounting practices. He persisted with the cost leadership strategy by cutting ...

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