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Perception of Time Influences

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An explanation of how culture influences the perception of time.

Provide examples from two cultures that perceive time differently.

Describe how the two cultures differ in that perception.

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An explanation of how culture influences the perception of time is determined.

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Perception of time:

Kosiu et al (2003) provide that people's lives are time dependent therefore every feature in culture is affected by time. How an individual or community perceives times affects the way that community lives and thinks and cultural differences (2010) provide that differences in time perception result in difference in the way people view things. Different cultures live differently and this indicates differences in the way the perceive time. An individual is influenced by his or her own culture therefore people have different perceptions about time. Foley & Matlin (n.d) provide that four factors affect perception of time which include time related behaviors and judgments, characteristics of the time experiencer, activities during a time ...

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