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judicial influence in Cherokee Nation v. Georgia

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Select a famous legal case from http://www.digitalhistory.uh.edu/supreme_court/supreme_court.cfm.

Read the decision and interpret what the judicial influence(s) might have been on the decision.

This analysis should focus on legal subculture, judicial background, political party affiliation, public opinion, politics, and any other potential influences. The following guidelines should be followed:

The analysis should be brief and concise and focus on the potential or known influences. The decision may make some influences very clear while others are implied. Focus on all potential and known influences and discuss the role of each in the outcome.

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Cherokee Nation v. Georgia

Case Cherokee Nation v. Georgia
Date 1831
Annotation The Supreme Court refuses to issue an injunction against the state of Georgia after it declares the laws of the Cherokee nation null and void. The court rules that it lacks jurisdiction because the Cherokee comprise a "domestic dependent" nation rather than a foreign state.


This case was decided in the earliest stage because the court would not ...

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Types of judicial influence(s) within the case, Cherokee Nation v. Georgia, are noted.