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    Georgia during the "Royal Period"

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    By the mid-eighteenth century, the Georgia Trustees had become so disillusioned with the colonists that they began to negotiate an early surrender of the colonyâ??s charter to the king. The transfer of the charter ushered in a new era in Georgia often known as the royal period.
    What were some of the important changes in Georgia during the royal period? Name some of the successes and failures.

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    During the royal period of Georgia the colony was administered in theory by the King of England but in practice by members of his cabinet. A pronincial council provided some form of government between the years of 1752-1754 while the Georgia charter passed through parliamentary committees and received the royal signature.

    In 1754 John Reynolds, a naval officer became the first royal governor of Georgia. initially most Georgians were happy with him. However it was soon realized that he lacked the political skills and experience needed to run this type of government. In the beginning he alienated a backcountry faction headed by a Quaker planter and an influential Georgia politician by refusing to inquire into claims of fraud in Georgia's first election in 1754 and by calling the protestors "rebels". Then he frustrated his council members by awarding the most lucrative colonial offices to William Little, a naval surgeon who went to Georgia with him. Reynolds showed a lack of skill in Indian diplomacy which helped to contribute to the French and Indian War. The colony of Georgia was dangerously exposed to raids by the Creek and Cherokee Nations and the Louisiana French hoped to instigate such attacks. In late 1756 as a result of complaints from Georgians Lord ...

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