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Issues within the Cherokee nation

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I have to chose a topic and issue one would find within a culture (Native Americans-- Cherokee Indians and chosen issue of casinos, health, alcoholism, diseases, unemployment). I have to write a 10 page paper and am having a hard time starting it and collecting enough information to write it. Need websites, articles,and information to write paper

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In choosing a subject for Cherokee Indians, you can look at their use of commerce in terms of casinos as a topic. There are some nice casinos in North Carolina, Harrah's being one, associated with the Cherokee nation. Casinos are changing many of the tribal foundations as they offer good jobs, the chance to make money and improve lives, and give a sense of accomplishment. They do not have to rely on the shady government dealings that supply them with "help" while taking care of them. Additionally, the have income that they do not have to force the government to pay them as is currently in the courts under Corbell vs U.S. Department of the Interior. This case has revealed the underhanded way the ...

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A short discussion on issues within the Cherokee Nation including health issues, commerce, and personal problems. Websites for further information are included.

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