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Ethical Behaviour and Company Productivity

Identify a news article about a Fortune 500 company and its CEO that illustrates ethical behavior. Is there any evidence that his or her company's productivity (e.g., finances, market share) is related to decisions reflective of ethical leadership behavior? Identify critical decisions you believe were made that influence productivity and how those decisions reflect ethical leadership behavior. Use at least two references.

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Step 1
The article is:
Business Wire (2013), Target Corporation: Target Donates $25,000 for Flood Relief in Colorado, retrieved on October 9, 2013, from:
The article announces Target Corp's donation of $25,000 in monetary support and merchandize to assist with flood relief efforts in Colorado. The CEO of Target Gregg Steinhafel has expressed his solidarity with the victims of flood in Colorado. The article also points out that Target has given $500,000 to the American Red Cross as a part of Annual Disaster Giving Program. Target stores will remain open in areas affected by the flood and Target teams prepare for disasters.

Step 2
The behavior described in the article is an ethical behavior. Target Corporation is a Fortune 500 company. There is evidence that the company's market share is related to the decisions reflective of ...

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