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    Aligning Personal & Professional Code of Ethics

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    1. Why is the reaction to a personal code of ethics from fellow employees important to the individual and to the organization?

    2. How are issues resolved in aligning a personal code of ethics with the ethics of an organization?

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    Personal Code of Ethics

    Ethics focuses its questions & structure on answering what is right & good in one's pursuit of the 'good life'. There are various ethical frameworks that men adapt to suit their beliefs & their lifestyles influenced by their own set of socialization. What is ethical for an individual is primarily what they have learned in their formative years concurrently & subsequently improved on by their continuing life experience. A personal code of ethics is not formal - it is something that has become imbedded in the behaviour and personality of an individual influencing his reactions, choices, preferences and motivation in a workplace setting. Each of us, we have our own personal standards from which we judge the reality before us. Because we are unique from each other, what we believe to be acceptable and right is at times in conflict with the views of our fellow employees and colleagues. An organization as a functioning entity keen on promoting and practicing its unique culture has its own code of ethics to set the standards of behaviour professionally and socially ...

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    The solution is an 838-word APA format essay divided into 2 parts. Part 1 looks into the manner by which a personal code of ethics interacts/clashes or is related to against that of the organization the individual is a part of (managing personal and professional ethical code). Part 2 discusses via examples ways of aligning personal code o ethics vis-a-vis that of a organisation. Refeences are provided. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.