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Ethical & Unethical Behavior in Organizations

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What factors determine whether behavior in organizations is ethical or unethical? Consider several unethical behaviors or incidents that you have personally observed in organizations or learned about in the media. After thinking about these incidents, compose three important criteria for determining whether a particular action or behavior is ethical. Explain your choices.

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Business ethics can be considered as the standards or rules that govern individuals in organizations and organizations themselves. It is a code of moral principals which set the standards by which behaviour is considered good or bad, right or wrong. A person who displays an ethical behaviour conforms to what's right and good according to the governing moral code or ethical standards.
There are various factors that determine whether behaviour in organizations is ethical or unethical. A just and fair society has laws that serve as the basis of good behaviour. One of these is the respect for human dignity. Organizations that create a culture that values the good for their employees, customers and suppliers, maintain a safe workplace and produce safe products and services are manifesting conformity to the legal right of the people around them. A company that protects the rights of everyone around them and avoids anything that can threaten safety and good living standards is conforming to the respect for the basic rights of people around them. When organizations support social institutions and work with local government and other institutions to protect environment, they are also manifesting an ethical behaviour that shows their concern for other people.
Individual factors such as personal values that are usually a ...

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