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    Ethical Issues in Organizations

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    Please help answer the following questions.

    Why are ethical issues a major concern in organizations?
    What individual influences impact ethical behavior?
    How can organizations influence ethical behavior in employees?

    Use a recent article from the Wall Street Journal, or other reputable publication, for an example of ethical issues being addressed by a corporation today.

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    Ethical issues are a major concern for corporations because:

    -if the general public finds out a company is being overly unethical the image of the company could be damaged and customers may choose to buy products from competitors. This would be especially damaging if the company needed the public to place high amounts of trust in it for it to succeed (baby products, financial advice, and medicine).
    -there may be laws governing ...

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    This solution discusses questions regarding ethical issues in organizations. It discusses why ethical issues are a major concern in organizations, what individual influences impact ethical behavior and how an organization can influence ethical behavior in employees.