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Ethics and Social Responsibility of Business Globalization

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The organization where you work is expanding into the global market by opening an office in China. What are some potential ethical and social issues that may arise as the company expands into this new area? Can these issues be avoided or mitigated? Why or why not?

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As the American economy continues to recover from recession we've seen an increase of U.S. organizations expand into the global market, in order to reduce cost. One such country, that many organizations have targeted, is that of China. When an organization starts the globalization process, we tend to see potential ethical and social issues arise when operations take place in foreign countries and/or alliances are formed. In doing so, senior leadership must implement strategic policies and procedures to deter these. Below we'll discuss some perspectives on ethical and social issues, as well as how they may be avoided or mitigated.

China is known as one of the cheapest manufactures around the world, based on the ability to hire cheap labor that ultimately reduces the overhead cost to many organizations. One of the biggest social issues that an organization will face, if ...

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The ethics and social responsibility of business globalization are given. Why these issues can be avoided or mitigated are explained.

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