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    Social Responsibility: Behaviour and Attack Strategy

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    What are the three prongs of the social responsibility attack strategy embraced by some firms today?

    How would you describe proper socially responsible behavior?

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    Social Responsibility Attack Strategy:

    In this competitive era, most of organizations are aware about their roles in welfare of society because they are using a three pronged attack strategy that includes legal, ethical and social responsibility behavior. In order to remain credible in the public's eye, it is imperative that companies should keep good moral ground through engaging in legal, social and ethically sound behaviors (Pop, Dina & Martin, 2011).

    Legal responsibility: All companies are supposed to follow legal responsibilities and the law, which impact organizations planning process and future growth. In order to operate soundly, a company must familiarize itself with external factors, mainly legal and political, which govern the industry in the right direction. Businesses should follow security legislations that require the disclosure of certain prescribed information concerning the business and affairs of companies. Management should be fair in their documentation that includes periodic financial statements, insider trading reports, annual information forms (AIF), press releases, etc. to be responsible in legal terms. All of these can prevent government intervention in the organization. So, companies should follow all the rules and regulations that are related to the business operations (Tully, 2007).

    Ethical responsibility: In order to fulfill obligations in all ethical areas, there are some ethical principles that should be followed by the corporate world. Ethical responsibility is being held accountable for action done by someone. Ethics are set of moral principles, values or discipline, which deals with what is good and what is bad. Ethics are also related with moral duty and obligation (Garay & Font, 2012).

    For different businesses, it is also important that they should follow ethics because business is essentially a means ...

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    Behavior and attack strategies for social responsibility is examined. The expert describes proper socially responsible behaviors is determined.