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    Differential Association Theory and Learning Theory

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    In what way and to what extent are Differential Association Theory and Learning Theory related to each other in explaining family violence problems?

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    Explaining Family Violence: SLT & DAT

    Learning Theory, known also as Social Learning Theory (SLT) had its roots in the work of 19th century scholar Cornell Montgomery. He proposed that we learn of the social world (which in turn affects our socialization) via observation of a role model through close contact and when concepts are understood, we imitate their actions and perspectives. Behaviour is affected via repeated observation, imitation and reinforcement. This theory believes that if the outcome of an action is desired and positively accepted in the observer, it will likely be imitated. For example, if a parent rewards a child for being good, the other child observing follows the same behavioural pattern of 'good'. Today, learning theory has come to embrace cognition and psychosis and recognizes that to learn and model behaviour for others that behaviour must be retained and reproduced by the individual and this can only come from motivation. While this certainly explains a part of how socialization and behaviour development happens, SLT is focused mostly on the general. ...

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    Differential Association Theory and Learning Theory connections are correlated with research to validate.