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    Positioning Strategies

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    Once a firm has chosen a target market, a positioning strategy includes particular ideas that must be communicated for the marketing program to be effective. Answer the questions using these two shoe companies: www.nike.com www.adidas.com

    1. Describe each of the seven positioning strategies :
    Attribute - Competitors - Use or application - Price-quality relationship - Product user- Product class- Cultural symbol
    2. What is the positioning strategy each of these two websites use?
    3. What evidence from each website supports your answer?
    4. Do either of these sites use more than one? What makes you think so?
    5. Choose only one of the sites and describe examples of tangible and intangible benefit to the consumer?
    6. What component of attitude is the site designed to affect: cognitive, affective, or connotative?

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    1. Attribute: The positioning strategy of attributes means associating the product with an attribute. For example, a sport shoe can be associated with style.
    Competitors: The positioning strategy of competitor means that the product or service is directly positioned in relationship to a competitor. The positioning can be against a competitor or away from a competitor.
    Use or application: This positioning strategy means that the product is directly positioned in relations to the purpose for which the product is purchased. For example, toothpaste is positioned as the one that leads to cleanest teeth.
    Price-quality relationship: In this strategy the marketer positions his product or service as one that provides the best quality for lowest possible price. The marketer tries to create an impression that his price quality combination is the best. This positioning supports several values for money strategies.
    Product User: You focus on the unique characteristics of specific users. For example, "how to do" books explain to a ...

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