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Netflix: Positioning and Differentiation Strategies

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Using Netflix Identify the positioning and differentiation strategies for the product or service.

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The solution discusses positioning and differentiation strategies using Netflix.

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Please find guidelines and ideas for Positioning and Differentiation Strategies in the attached file.


Positioning and Differentiation Strategies

A company uses positioning and differentiation strategy to compete with the other players available in the market. The positioning and differentiation strategy helps the companies to create the brand value in the market and influence the consumer perception (Dave, 2008). This paper discusses about the positioning and differentiation strategies of Netflix.
Positioning and Differentiation strategies
In order to positioning in the market, Netflix uses effective pricing strategy in the market. Company charges flat rates on its products and services. Netflix is leading internet subscription service to enjoy movies and TV shows in the world. In order to compete in the online video market, company charges monthly flat rates as rent for video and other facilities from the ...

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