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    Competitive Advantage Through Functional-Level Strategy

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    From the topics such as Functional-level strategies, Efficiency and economies of scale, Marketing and efficiency, Achieving superior quality, Achieving superior innovation, Or Achieving superior responsiveness to customers, answer some the following questions:

    - Netflix released its own series "House of Cards"... What do you think is going on here? What are some of the potential strategies at play? What do you think their internal and external information told them about moving forward on this?

    - At the SuperBowl, do you see any evidence of company strategies in those costly commercials? What about Beyonce? What was strategic in her decision to do the half-time show? And bringing back Destiny's Child?

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    Netflix is working on achieving superior innovation in delivering on-demand home entertainment through its' release of all thirteen episodes of "House of Cards". This is evident in many ways: Netflix's release strategy went against the grain of social TV, the catchall term for viewers who virtually watch TV together by chatting in real time on Twitter, Facebook and other web sites' (Stelter, 2013). In addition, the company refuses to release viewing data for the series, yet based on the daily chart of most talked about TV shows, it would have ranked sixth last week, according to Trendrr (2013). The series stars well known actors, and was produced as original programming by Netflix. Essentially this entry allows Netflix to strategically go head to head with cable and other sources of entertainment. This causes consumers to rethink their entertainment options- and clearly choose Netflix. Netflix made this move based on internal information that Hollywood is ...

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    This solution discusses Functional-level strategies, efficiency and economies of scale, marketing and efficiency, achieving superior quality, superior innovation, or superior responsiveness to customers as applied to Netflix and advertisers at the Super Bowl. APA formatted references are included.