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    Corporate, business, functional, and operating strategies

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    I need to understand what is this assignment is seeking? Assignment: Review the web sites of the following companies participating in the power tool industry: Black and Decker, Makita, Bosch, Porter Cable.List as many corporate, business, functional, and operating strategies for each company as you can glean from the posted literature.
    What is meant by: "List as many corporate, business, functional, and operating strategies for each company (like Black and Decker) as you can glean from the posted literature."
    Should this be broken down into:
    Operating strategies?

    "The book covers that there are "competitive strategies" and that competitive strategies are considered "functional strategies" such as production processes and then it includes marketing strategies where they describe differentiation and positioning. Would then every strategy fall under functional strategies?
    Where would R&D's strategies fit amongst strategies...business or operating? This assigment is unclear as the text and assignment poorly intertwine.

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    "In the emerging economy, a firm's only advantage is its ability to leverage and utilize its knowledge."
    ...Larry Prusak, Executive Director - The Institute for Knowledge Management
    We are living in an economy of kaleidoscopic change where the only element, which is constant, is change. To maintain a competitive advantage, all businesses should concentrate on the 5 strategic pillars for a high-performance company:
    Information Technology
    Organizational excellence and agility

    A successful organization constantly redefines their methods of creativity and problem solving.
    For any high performance organization, knowledge management is the central pillar in its strategic plans. It remains to be seen if they will bounce back from their fall. Therefore resource-based view is essential in this global environment.

    Strategic management is the process of specifying an organization's objectives, developing policies and plans to achieve ...

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