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Leadership Management: Strategy

Discuss how the operating strategy which is a functional level fits the overall business model the corporate level strategies?

Describes some of the challenges of managerial decision making in an organization - what are some of the challenges that managers face in making optimum decisions for their organizations?

Describe the structure of the org. must fit the mission of the organization and drive the operational plan as we deliver it to the customer

As it pertains to leadership and leadership theory discuss the meaning of emotionally intelligence?

about 800 words, five references

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Running Head: Management

Management Concepts

Operating Strategy and its relation with Corporate level Strategies
Operating strategy pertains to operational level that is also known as functional level. The functional level of a firm is the level related with operating divisions and departments. Operating strategy is a short-term activity of a firm's each operational area that they carry to execute the corporate and business level strategies (Ryall & Craig, 2003). The most substantial aspect that differentiates an operating strategy with corporate and business level strategies is their shorter time horizon, superior specificity and key participation of operating managers.
The operating strategy fits with the overall business model and the corporate level strategies by providing them with key inputs for business unit level and corporate level strategy. With the help of operating strategy operations manager provide business level and corporate level managers with information on customer feedback or on resources and capabilities (Mitchell, n.d.). This in turn assists business and corporate level managers in establishing the higher level strategies.
Once business and corporate level executives develop higher strategies and their strategic intent than it is translated by operating divisions into discrete action plans that each department or division of a company need to attain for making strategy successful. In this way, it can be said that operating strategy of a firm fits with its overall business model and corporate level ...

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