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    Building support for developing the global leadership team

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    "Identifying a Global Leadership Team" you developed a strategy for identifying the top 15 percent of talent for development. How will you engage others to support the development of that top talent? As an HR manager, you need to create at least one strategy to support the concept of global management with local respect.

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    "Globalisation brings a refined demand for more openness to cultural diversity and its specifics such as change management and adaptation. Companies are evolving, creating networks, also known as virtual teams, developing their social capital to structure and facilitate the requirements in growing global communication" (Demailly and Rabotin, 2006).

    To engage support of the Global Leadership Team, applicable company stakeholders must see value in the role of the Global Leadership Team. An important ...

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    This is a short discussion on business strategies to build support for the development of the top 15 percent of talent into a Global Leadership Team.