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Leadership of competitive proposal development teams

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I am doing research on leadership of competitive proposal development teams in the aerospace industry and need some help in developing a strong write up on the significance of leadership in this role, the nature of the team, and team dynamics. Please provide references

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The success and failure of an organization's team depends upon to a great extent on the top leadership of an organisation. Successful leaders lead followers by helping their subordinates in finding solutions to the problems that they are confronting at the time of functional execution. Teams of an organization are generally involved in bringing together resources, development of strategies, organization and controlling of activities, in order to achieve objectives. At the same time, team members as leaders; have to select the goals and objectives of the firm. As a result, leadership is that function of management, which is largely involved with establishing goals and motivating people to help achieve them. Leaders set goals and help subordinates in finding the right path to achieve these goals.

'Leadership' is an art or process of influencing people, so that they can strive willingly and enthusiastically, towards the achievement of group objectives. In other words, Leadership is the ability to persuade others to work in the direction of defined objectives enthusiastically and in regard to human factor; leadership is a bond that binds a group together and motivates them towards the accomplishment of the aims. It also helps a group in attaining objectives with the best use of leader's capabilities. In the efficient and effective management of a business leadership, is vital, as presently, all the firms are operating in a highly competitive environment (Storey, 2004).

The essence of leadership, in regard to business and operations management can be understood with the help of substantial features of leadership, which are as described:

? Leadership is the use of non-coercive influence to shape the group or organization's goals and motivate behaviour towards the achievement of those goals.
? Leadership is a process in which one individual exerts influence over others.
? The learning and development of effective leadership involves other people also; like employees or followers.
? It involves authority and responsibility, in terms of deciding the way ahead and being held responsible for the success or failure in achieving the agreed objectives.
? Leadership involves an unequal distribution of power between leaders and group members.
? The learning and development of leadership incorporates the application of certain values.
? Leadership gives people a vision for future.
? It instils dynamism in the group (Harris & Hartman, 2001).

Today, there are many organizations that have failed due to ineffective leadership. In the increasing world competition, every firm needs to develop leadership as its competitive advantage, for winning over its competitors. Strong Leadership can bring great changes in an organization in concern to its industry (Bass, 2009). Leaders also play a significant role in communicating the policy standards and procedures to the employees, so that the organization works in the right direction.

Leadership is also effective in managing significant changes in the organization and overcoming the resistance to change. This will help in bringing transformation in a smooth manner and will maintain a healthy environment in the organization (Harris & Hartman, 2001). It will also help the various firms in understanding the importance of leadership in motivating the present workforce and running the organization in a highly systematized and orderly manner. It will help in building up the team spirit and also the morale of the employees.

A leader is very much vital for developing coordination and cooperation among the team members and all the other employees. It will help in cultivating the feeling of loyalty and commitment among the employees. Same is the case with "Competitive Proposal Development Teams", which work effectively along with an appropriate leadership in aerospace industry.

Competitive proposal development teams are the group of peoples that work in concern to the development of competitive proposal that assists organizations in attaining large project opportunities which are often limited and require limited institutional submission process. These teams facilitate in distinguishing and managing significant resources, which need to be dedicated to reach completion of large important projects. Competitive proposal development teams work exceedingly well in competitive environment. It analyzes multi-disciplinary projects that include participants from different nations and cultures.

Leadership plays a prominent role in competitive proposal ...

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