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Self-managed teams strategies

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In order for an organization to have high-functioning self-managed teams, its leader must be committed to the strategies necessary to develop these teams. In addition to the development process, leaders must also establish strategies to sustain the effort of teams over time, to maintain their productivity and relevance. Ideally, a team is working toward continuous improvement and evolution; its work should represent this movement. Compare and contrast the leadership strategies needed to both build and sustain high-functioning self-managed teams. Support your response with examples and citations from a combination of scholarly journal articles (ERIC, Infoseek, Academic Search Premier), Web site research, and traditional print resources.

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Self-managed team strategies are examined.

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High-Functioning & Self-Managed Teams

In today's competitive environment, it is essential for the leaders to keep their different teams update and maintain their high functioning within the organization. In order to build and sustain their high functioning and self managed teams, leaders use different strategies. These strategies help leaders to improve the productivity and efficiency of teams and make them competitive in order to achieve competitive advantage from the markets (Debowski, 2007). There are various leadership strategies that are needed for both the teams in order to build and sustain in the market.

In order to establish high functioning teams within the organizations, leadership strategies provide the guidance to the team members in right way that supports them to improve their productivity and efficiency. In establishing high performance and self managing teams, team leadership strategies help the leaders to recruit high skilled and experienced members in the team that support leaders to maintain high performance of teams (Robbins, 2009).
On the other hand, leadership strategies are also needed in ...

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