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    Leadership In Interdependent Team Behaviour

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    Given the importance of highly functioning self-managed teams, what leadership style best supports high functioning interdependent team behavior? Based on your readings, what things do you think leaders need to do, demonstrate, or embody in order to support this type of self-management?

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    The leadership style that best supports high functioning self-managed teams is the participative leadership style. High functioning interdependent teams are groups of employees that are responsible and accountable for a particular process, producing a product, or an aspect of service delivery. A high functioning self-managed team is semiautonomous group whose members determine, plan, and manage their work and duties under a low level of supervision. A participative leadership style is appropriate because the leaders seeks to involve other people in the decision making process. For example, the participative leaders ask for the opinions of others in the team. This style helps increase the involvement of members in decision making. Participative leadership style by definition means that the leaders involve all team members in identifying the essential goals and developing procedures or strategies for ...

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