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    Qualities of An Effective Public Leader

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    1. What are the qualities of an effective public leader or the weaknesses of an ineffective public leader? Do these differ for a private sector leader and why?

    2. What are the positive and negative effects of politics on governmental leadership? What is the effect of media on leaders in government?

    Can someone discuss these with me in length and not websites?

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    Please find the guidelines for Public Leadership Discussion.

    Running Head: LEADERSHIP

    Leadership Discussion

    Qualities & weaknesses of an Effective and Ineffective Public Leader
    The concept of leadership is easy to explain but it is not easy to practise as it about behaviour and skills of an individual. A public leader can be effective and ineffective on the basis of his qualities and weaknesses. An effective public leader, work as a convener and collaborator. He empowers the decision making by convening community speeches with his skills to tackle the confronted problems (Robbins, 2004). An effective public leader is capable of creating powerful partners with the help of collaboration.
    In addition to this, he is also capable of building and repairing trust with its fellow leaders and staff and always believes in creating a character-based public organization. On the other hand, an ineffective public leader always work with authority that in turn result in disbelief and lack of trust among its associates and staff. Ineffective public leader always try to create trouble rather than building teams and associations ...

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    The solution discusses the qualities of an effective public leader or the weaknesses of an ineffective public leader.