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Leadership - How do public leaders gain or lose power?

Analyze how public leaders gain and lose power in the public policy environment. Select a leader in the public sector who gained or lost power. Demonstrate how the factors of leadership, communication, constituents, and/or organization caused them to gain or lose power.

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//A public leader is powerful only till public is with the leader; therefore, gaining or losing of power by a public leader depends solely on the leadership qualities possessed by the leader. The actions and thoughts of a leader must be highly praised in the society for being in power for a long term. In this paper, it is discussed that how a leader gains power with respect to the public environment and factors which can be responsible for losing the power.//

The leaders should critically think during the framing of policies for the public benefit because these policies play a significant role in maintaining their goodwill and dominance in the society. The words and actions of leaders for public welfare make their brand image in the eyes of the general public and these actions are very much responsible for gaining and losing the power by a leader. A leader always leads from the front and is ready to take the responsibility for each and every action. A leader converts difficulties into opportunities and people can easily trust and rely on such personalities as their actions are in interest and benefit of the general public. A leader always has a unique thinking and futuristic approach towards every matter and this unique quality creates public support for the leader, which brings the real guts to generate revolution (Wart, 2012).

//In the above discussed section, the emphasis was put on different qualities of leaders, which are responsible for gaining and losing of power and trust of the general public. Now, in the next section, a leader will be selected and light will be shed on the skills, qualities and working style. This will help in understanding ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1057 words with references.