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Crisis Management

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Can someone explain the difference between management and leadership in detail?

Can someone explain to me some characteristics of leaders in the public sector and which is the most important characteristic? Why?

The response addresses the queries posted in 486 words with four references.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 486 words with references.

Difference between Management and Leadership

Management is vital for the smooth functioning of a business, but leadership is required to positively energize an organization, and can bring a change for the future (Maccoby, 2000). Management is theoretical in nature and is according to the policy of the company; whereas, leadership is based more on conviction and could prove to be more fruitful to the organization. The emotional quotient of a leader is much higher than a manager (Leitner, 2007). Effective leadership can turn dreams into reality by inspiring people to give their efforts, time and resources. Leadership is needed when the situation is new, uncertain and involves risks. Leadership encourages creativity and looks for out of the ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 486 words with references.

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