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    Effective Leadership

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    Explain how you as a leader can promote or fail to promote effective leadership. What can you do to be more effective as a leader?

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    Let's look at these interesting questions. I also attached two informative articles for consideration.

    1. Explain how you as a leader can promote or fail to promote effective leadership.

    It depends somewhat from what position in the company you are leading. Generally, an effective leader has a clear vision, passion, communication skills (see other skills in the attached resources), and the ability in inspire and motivate others to embrace that vision collectively.

    In order to promote effective leadership you would use essential leadership skills including being a good communicator and the following skills:

    o listen openly to others
    o offer and accept constructive suggestions
    o give clear directions
    o set and meet deadlines
    o give formal and informal presentations
    o help members identify and solve problems
    o set an example of desired behavior
    o show appreciation of others' contributions
    o show understanding
    o encourage members to exchange ideas
    o handle conflict
    o guide the group in goal setting and decision making
    o delegate responsibilities
    o ask questions of the group to prompt responses
    o create a productive atmosphere (Effective Leadership, http://www1.agric.gov.ab.ca/$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/agdex1334).

    You will know when you have promoted effective leadership when you (and the organization) are successful at getting the other employees (followers) to improve standards, create new ideas, go above and beyond its mission, and exceed the set goals and objectives. As the leader of the organization, the organization then understands how to cultivate leadership qualities within its employees. Cultivating leadership qualities in the work place is beneficial for helping organizations to excel in all areas of a business (How to Promote Leadership Qualities within the Workplace, ...

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    Explains how you as a leader can promote or fail to promote effective leadership e.g. many different strategies to consider. This solution also examines what a leader can do to be more effective. e.g. step-by--step plan. Supplemented with two highly informative articles on effective leadership.