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    Leadership Effectiveness Application

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    Identifies four (4) important insights gained into organizational dynamics, and how you have or will apply them to enhance your leadership effectiveness.

    Identify 4 significant insights gained into organizational dynamics that has changed your behavior and/or thinking;
    Define and discuss the value and importance of the theories and concepts to leadership effectiveness.

    Assess your current effectiveness as a leader, and describe how and why the application of the insights gained will improve your leadership practice.

    Create a specific action plan based on the insights gained from course theories and concepts to improve your leadership effectiveness.

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    //It has been identified that the success of organizations is achieved with the support of an effective leader. People with effective leadership style are able to achieve growth and get success in future. In this regard, a discussion is done on the concept of effective leadership and its importance//.
    A leader is the one, who makes others follow him (Leitner, 2007). They are concerned about doing the things correctly. The behavior of a leader carries the traits that can influence others and make them perform actions. Leadership is the action of inspiring others to maximize their output. Effective leadership is all about situation and circumstances, wherein finding the best ways of leading, with respect to the place, organizational structure, and time, is determined (Gosling et al., 2012). Leadership plays an important role in the management as it helps to improve the efficiency and achieve the objectives of the organization. Effective leadership leads to achieve success in the organization and, thus, holds importance for the organization in the following ways:-
    Effective leadership leads other people to initiate the actions by communicating the policies of the organization so that the policies are followed effectively.
    A leader plays a great role in motivating its team members and guides them to perform effectively, which contributes to the leadership style being effective.
    Effective leadership makes the leader boost the morale and confidence among the employees, and also hear their problems and solve them.
    Effective leadership came into existence when the work of employees is coordinated, and organizational goals are met with the individual goals.
    Leaders promote enthusiasm among the team members and provide a sound working environment for them.
    Effective leadership style is not inherent in a person; moreover, it is based on the circumstances in which a person needs to lead other people and influence them so as to create some output to achieve the objectives of the organizations by meeting the goals of an individual (Killian, 2007).
    //After understanding the concept of effective leadership and its importance in relation to the organization's dynamics, 4 theories of effective leadership will be discussed to understand its importance in relation to the mechanism of the organizations//.
    Various theories have been illustrated by the researchers and experts in order to illuminate the leadership style and traits a leader should hold to achieve success and growth. In this regard, 4 theories are discussed to gain an understanding of them:-
    1. Trait Theory
    Trait theory of effective leadership states that every individual possesses different traits or attributes or characteristics. Trait theory helps to determine the various attributes such as honesty, decision-making skills, extroversion, and likeability. This theory follows the assumption that ...

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