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managing diversity

"Regarding your cultural awareness, how would you describe the prevailing culture of your country to a stranger from another land? If you were raised in a culture other than the U.S., explain that national culture. If you were raised in a U.S. culture, describe the subculture of your area."

"Give an example where you may have experienced cognitive dissonance? Describe the situation and your solution for reconciling the dissonance."

"Which type of stereotype (sex-role, age, racial ant ethnic, or disability is most pervasive in organizations?"

"If someone who reports to you at work has a low expectancy of successful performance, what could you do to increase this expectancy?"

"What norms do college students usually enforce in class? How are they enforced?"

Which barrier to effective communication is most difficult to reduce?"

"In your view which leadership theory has the greatest practical application?"

"How would you respond to a manager who claims the only way to measure a businesses effectiveness is in terms of how much profit it makes?"

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