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    Dominant Complexities of the Global Environment

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    Provide a 400-600-word response that assesses the most dominant complexities of the global environment and the control problems that are faced by global firms. (Remember to use outside sources as research support for your answers).

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    Global Environment
    Globalization has become the most important notion for the success of the business organization. Managing global environment is not an easy task. Presently, the most dominant complexity in the global environment is the cultural diversity. In the global environment, organization faces this issue in both inside and out of the organization. According to the article given by Carmen, managing diversity at the global level is the biggest challenge for the human resource management (Carmel, 1993).
    Diversity in the workplace means variety of working behavior in the organizations. At the global level, almost all kinds of employees are belonged to the different cultural background, different languages, so they feel uncomfortable and resistant to work with the other employees. Workplace diversity at the global level describes the uniqueness of each employee in the organization. It is the situation of difference among the employees (Managing complexity in global organizations, 2007). It is difficult for them to cope up ...

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    The solution discusses the dominant complexities of the global environment.